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serum Anlamı

  • Part of the blood containing antibodies. 1) The clear portion of any body fluid; the clear fluid moistening serous membranes 2) Blood serum; the clear liquid that separates from blood on clotting The cell-free portion of the blood from which the fibrinogen has been separated in the process of clotting. watery fluid of the blood that resembles plasma but contains fibrinogen.
  • The liquid part of blood that makes up about half its volume Serum differs from plasma in that the blood sample has clotted A centrifuge is used in the laboratory to separate serum from cells after blood has clotted. fluid portion of blood.
  • Blood from which cells and fibrin have been removed.
  • Fluid obtained on upon separating clotted, whole blood into its solid and liquid components. the clear, straw-coloured, liquid portion of the plasma that does not contain fibrinogen or blood cells, and remains fluid after clotting of blood. the fluid portion of blood that is left after clotting.
  • The liquid portion of the blood after it clots The blood is collected in sterile tubes without an anticoagulant and allowed to clot The liquid portion or serum is removed after the clot forms Most chemical tests are performed using serum.
  • The liquid portion of blood with the red and white blood cells removed Often used for measurement of chemical substances in the body. the clear portion of blood. a blood component that separates from blood cells.
  • Serum is the fluid portion of the blood ; it is essentially similar in composition to plasma but lacks fibrinogen and other substances that are used in the coagulation process. is the clear, slightly yellow fluid which separates from blood when it clots In composition it resembles blood plasma, but with fibrinogen removed Sera containing antibodies and antitoxins against infections and toxins of various kinds have been used extensively in prevention or treatment of various diseases 43. a clear fluid that separates when blood clots.
  • The clear, fluid portion of blood lacking both blood cells and fibrinogen It is the fluid remaining after coagulation of plasma, the noncellular liquid faction of blood. the clear or slightly yellowish liquid that remains after the plasma portion is allowed to clot; blood is comprised of a plasma portion and a cellular portion ; plasma contains water, salts, and plasma proteins whereas the cellular portion contains red blood cells , platelets, and white blood cells.
  • The clear portion of any body fluid Blood serum is the clear liquid that separates from blood upon clotting. the fluid component of blood after the cells are removed.
  • The clear liquid that separates from the blood when it is allowed to clot This fluid retains any antibodies that were present in the whole blood. the fluid, non-cellular portion of blood that remains after coagulation; lymphatic fluid. a clear fluid that separates when blood clots.
  • serum.
  • A thin watery fluid, containing more or less albumin, secreted by the serous membranes of the body, such as the pericardium and peritoneum. watery fluid of the blood that resembles plasma but contains fibrinogen.
  • The watery portion of certain animal fluids, as blood, milk, etc.
  • serum.
  • sera. serum.

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