Türkçe - İngilizce Çeviri Sonucu

yatmak Anlamı

  • to go to bed. to be lying down. to enter into hospital. to lie. to lie flat. to lean to one side. fated not to occur. to have sexual intercourse. to have sex. incline. lay along. lie along. lie down. repose. turn in.
  • lie. recline. to go to bed. to turn in. to be in bed. to lie. to lie down. to recline. to lie at anchor. to be imprisoned. to stay in prison. to become flat. to go by the board. to lie on. to have sex. to bed. to sleep together. to sleep with sb. to be buried.
  • hit the hay. hit the sack. bang. go to bed. couch. be couched. incline. kip. kip down. lay. lay oneself down. lie. lie down. lie up. recline. repose. repose oneself. rest. have a screw. go to sleep. sleep with. turn in.

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