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tuba Anlamı

  • The lowest-pitched member of the brass instrument family, with the following stages of sound production: energy source: air vibrating element: the player's lips resonating chamber: the instrument's body A tuba designed for marching is called a Sousaphone. the lowest brass wind instrument.
  • A member of the brass family although some are now made from fibreglass It has a huge conical bore ending in a wide flared bell Typically the tuba has three to six valves and carries the bass range of the orchestra.
  • The bass member of the modern brass family The tuba family includes the euphonium, sousaphone, C and B-flat tubas, and others The modern orchestral tuba has valves, a conical bore and a range of D two octaves below the bass clef to G above middle C The bell is very wide and the cup very deep, thus facilitating the extremely low notes so characteristic of the instrument Search Google com for Tuba.
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  • A low-pitched brass wind instrument.
  • A very low pitched brass instrument that uses valves to control the pitch.
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  • tuba.
  • See Sax-tuba.
  • A sax-tuba.
  • An ancient trumpet.
  • tuba.

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