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tos Anlamı

  • Definition Top.
  • Short for an ISP's 'terms of service,' which usually state that accounts will be dropped should they be used for spamming When that happens, the account is said to have been TOSsed See SPAM. test operating system.
  • The stack is an area of memory set aside for storage of temporary data The base address of the stack is pointed to by the SS register and the offset is pointed to by the SP register.
  • Test Operating System.
  • Terms Of Service A stated list of the terms that must be agreed on by a user of a particular service; the terms under which a service provider provides a particular service.
  • Terms of Service Terms and conditions of their program - their responsibilities and yours.
  • Acronym for Terms Of Service, the AOL 'Rules of the Road' governing online behavior by all AOL members [subscribers] TOS is violated by all Fundies witnessing or preaching in chatrooms not designated for their particular faith. type of service.
  • Type Of Service.
  • Acronym for 'The Other Service ' Often used among a group of people who have switched from one on-line service to another The service they came from is 'the other service ' It often refers to Genie or AOL, but can refer to Compuserve or Prodigy or even the late NVN, depending on where a group originated.
  • Type of Service.
  • butt.

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