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tas Anlamı

  • Tasmania.
  • Abbreviation for Tropical Atlantic Study, a part of the TTO program.
  • Tolerance Assessment System Source: US EPA. true airspeed.
  • Toll Administration Subsystem.
  • Tanzania Assistance Strategy.
  • Tuition Assurance Scheme The objective of this scheme is to ensure that overseas students receive the education or training for which they have paid.
  • Tasmania.
  • Targeted Assistance School Title I programs providing supplementary services to eligible educationally disadvantaged students.
  • Traceable author statement: Anything in a review article where the original experiments are traceable through that article, or in a textbook or dictionary [e g 'everybody' knows that enolase is a glycolytic enzyme].
  • True Airspeed Rectified airspeed corrected for altitude and outside air temperature.
  • True Air Speed.
  • True Airspeed.
  • porringer. bowl. stoup. vessel.
  • To tassel.
  • A heap.
  • basin. bowl.
  • bowl. vessel.

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