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tandem Anlamı

  • Two person payload on a single skydiving system Tandem master knows what is going on, tandem student doesn't Common route of entry into the sport for civilians Many do not wish to progress beyond the one or two tandem dives. a bicycle with two sets of pedals and two seats. one behind the other; 'ride tandem on a bicycle built for two'; 'riding horses down the path in tandem'.
  • A truck that has two drive axles or a trailer that has two axles.
  • A switching arrangement in which the trunk from the calling office is connected to a trunk at the called office through an intermediate point; serves to interconnect central offices when direct interoffice trunks are not available.
  • A specific group of two piece productsd from Hollister, incorporating the revolutionary Tandem CenterPoint Lock system This patented closure mechanism eliminates any possibility of accidental pouch detachment Available in a variety of pre-cut, cut-to-fit and convexed flanges to use with the closed, drainable and urostomy pouches.
  • Two-person canoe or kayak.
  • An arrangement of two or more AISwitches where the AISwitches are directly interconnected In this configuration you may call a remote AISwitch and then place a second call on that remote AISwitch.
  • At length A pun applied to two horses driven one before the other This Latin is of a similar character to plenum sed.
  • Same as barmaid.
  • Central computer of the Exchange.
  • A bi-place wing for a pilot and a passenger The wing size is almost double that of a solo wing A tandem wing must be specifically certified as bi-place The pilot and passenger are suspended from spreader bars which ensure leg room for the pilot who sits behind. a kayak that is designed to be paddled by two people.
  • One behind the other, together.
  • Parachute jumps in which two skydivers, usually an instructor and student, share one parachute system The student is in a separate harness that attaches to the front of the instructor's harness.
  • A bicycle or other vehicle which accommodates two or more riders, one in front of the other Tandems for three riders are called 'triplets', for four: 'quadruplets' or 'quads', etc This site contains several different articles about tandem bicycles.
  • Two pins, one behind the other.
  • A tandem bicycle or other vehicle. one behind the other; 'ride tandem on a bicycle built for two'; 'riding horses down the path in tandem'.
  • A team of horses harnessed one before the other.
  • One after another; said especially of horses harnessed and driven one before another, instead of abreast.

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