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tabla Anlamı

  • Tabla are a pair of drums used in North Indian music The sitting player strikes the conical right-hand drum and the kettle shaped left-hand drum with his fingers.
  • A pair of hand drums used in Indian music, that are tuned to the main tones of the Raga A virtuoso performer can draw a seemingly limitless variety of timbre and pitch from the tabla.
  • A set of two small tuned drums used in North Indian music The left hand plays the larger of the two drums, the 'Bayan', which has a lower pitch After striking the drum with the tips of the fingers, the note is 'bent' up by pressing down with the heel of the hand, tightening the drum head The right hand plays elaborate patterns on the smaller drum, the 'Tabla,' which has a higher, fixed pitch.
  • platform. circular wooden tray. ashtray. disclike object. metal pan under a stove. pan. plate. disc. panel. table. disk. pane. copying. trestle. board. scuttle. pallet.
  • tray. circular tray. ashtray. flat surface. ash tray. flat disk.
  • tray. table.

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