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stent Anlamı

  • A device made of expandable, metal mesh that is placed at the site of a narrowing artery The stent is then expanded and left in place to keep the artery open. a slender tube inserted inside a tubular body part to provide support during and after surgical anastomosis.
  • A small, slotted, stainless steel tube which is inserted in a coronary artery The stent remains in place, keeping the artery open.
  • A stent is crimped onto a balloon catheter and advanced into position It is then expanded to the desired size to support the vessel wall and prevent spasm The stent is left in place and the catheter is withdrawn Stents are also used in carotid and leg vessels In some agencies, nurses evaluate the patient for any complications post-PTCA and remove the femoral sheath Using stents and drugs such as Plavix appear to prevent stent thrombosis The insertion site is monitored for hematoma formation and external bleeding Sudden chest pain, SOB, ectopy, or a decrease in level of consciousness all need immediate assessment and treatment.
  • An expandable, stainless steel device that provides structural support for a vessel.
  • Intravascular prosthesis to scaffold a vessel following transluminal balloon dilatation, for the purpose of maintaining patency. is a wire-mesh tube that is inserted after balloon angioplasty It supports, or props open, the arterial wall and stays in the artery permanently.
  • A metallic scaffold placed over a delivery balloon catheter that is positioned in the narrowed site of an artery.
  • A hollow plastic tube into the urinary tract prior to lithotripsy This tube is called a J-J stent One end of the stent coils up in the kidney, and the other coils up in the urinary bladder.
  • A stent is sometimes used during angioplasty to hold open the dilated blood vessel after angioplasty It is effective in decreasing recurrent obstruction of the blood vessel following the procedure Ventricle -- Pumping chambers of the heart.
  • A small stainless steel mesh tube, inserted after angioplasty that acts as a scaffold to provide support inside the coronary artery.
  • A device made of expandable metal mesh that is placed at the site of a narrowed artery The stent is expanded, using a catheter, and left in place to keep the artery open. a short, metal mesh tube Using balloon dilation this is expanded into a narrow artery to hold it open.
  • A tube made of metal or plastic that is inserted into a vessel or passage to keep the lumen open and prevent closure due to a stricture or external compression Stents are commonly used to keep blood vessels open in the coronary arteries, into the esophagus for strictures or cancer, the ureters to maintain drainage from the kidneys, or the bile duct for pancreatic cancer or cholangiocarcinoma.
  • This is a short, expandable tube manufactured to serve as a coiled metal scaffolding that is inserted into a narrowed artery The tube is expanded at the point of narrowing in the hope of keeping the walls apart Unfortunately, the blood within the tube often clots, or tissue overgrowth will fill the tube and block it, or the stent may move downstream.
  • A small, metal or plastic device inserted by a catheter into a narrowed artery wall and then left in place, to help keep the artery open.
  • Tubular device used to support and maintain blood flow within a blocked coronary artery.
  • An expandable, slotted metal tube, inserted into a vessel A stent acts as a scaffold to provide structural support for a vessel A drug-coated stent allows for the placement of that particular drug at the stent implantation site.
  • A tube that is placed in a body organ to keep it open For example, a stent could be put into a blocked bile duct or an airway or the gullet.
  • A cylindrical medical device inserted into a body duct or tube to prevent collapse, blockage or overgrowth.
  • A mesh-like device that is inserted into a blood vessel to provide support, keep the vessel open and unblocked and enhance blood flow.
  • Hollow wire mesh placed inside a blood vessel during a percutaneous coronary intervention Opening the stent within an artery presses the plaque against the artery wall and helps maintain an open lumen.
  • a device implanted in a vessel used to help keep it open. a tiny, expandable coil that is placed inside a blood vessel at the site of a blockage The stent is expanded to open up the blockage.
  • An allotted portion; a stint. a slender tube inserted inside a tubular body part to provide support during and after surgical anastomosis.
  • To stint; to stop; to cease.
  • To keep within limits; to restrain; to cause to stop, or cease; to stint.

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