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  • Soft Error Rate When a high energy charged particle like alpha particle passes into depletion layer of SRAM cell, it usually excites a lot of bound electrons and generates a bunch of electron-hole pairs which may cause switch the bit state of memory cell which is called soft error.
  • Substitution Error Rate or the rate of occurrence of incorrect characters from an automatic identification system. serial. to be.
  • Series. to be; Soy I''m.
  • The soft error rate is the frequency of errors caused by alpha particles, cosmic radiation) and other factors which do not permanently damage the memory system.
  • Services, Employment Redevelopment.
  • Designation for a round Service Entrance cable.
  • SER Systems previous owners of Locam.
  • head. top. summit. apex. greenhouse. hothouse.
  • conservatory. greenhouse. hothouse.

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