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oynamak Anlamı

  • to play. to amuse oneself. to fool around. to dance. to gamble. to frisk about. to move. to bulge. to stir. to become loose. to have play in it. to play (a game. to perform (a play. to risk. to play around with. to trifle with. to fluctuate. to move back.
  • frolic. juggle. perform. play. sport. tamper. tinker. to play. to dance. to frolic. to romp. to move. to budge. to fiddle with. to toy with. to tamper with. to tinker. to be on. to perform. to act. to enact. to portray. to dally with sb/sth. to risk. to back. skip and jump about. to vibrate.
  • shake a leg. mess smth. about. play. move. dance. act. perform. play with. place one's bet. toy. budge. frisk. hop. interpret. jig. juggle. monkey. play around. play at. play on. play upon. playact. represent. work.

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