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oyalanmak Anlamı

  • to distract oneself. to keep oneself amused (in order to ward off boredom or sadness. to be detained. to be put off. to be distracted. to be amused. dally. dally with. dawdle. dilly dally. disport. hover. idle. linger. potter putter. stick around.
  • linger. stall. to loiter. waste time. to amuse oneself. to linger. to hang about. to dawdle.
  • waste time. dilly-dally. monkey around. fool around. fool about. fool. be amused. amuse oneself. dally. delay. disport oneself. footle. fribble. frivol. hang out. linger. loiter. mess around. piddle. play around. be pleased with. potter. potter about.

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