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od Anlamı

  • Overdrive. olive drab. a doctor's degree in optometry. the right eye.
  • Outside Diameter. abbr Octavius Depot.
  • Ordnance Datum.
  • Abbreviation of Olive Drab, a dull yellowish green color often used for military uniforms, equipment, and vehicles because of its camouflage properties. 8r L 12 adj 1 Of an odd number, not even 2 Extraordinarily, truly 3 Outstanding, bold, brave.
  • Latin abbreviation meaning right eye.
  • Martian foot.
  • Origin destination.
  • Outside Dimension. right eye OR over-refraction Ortho orthophoria.
  • Outside diameter of a cylinder, roller or roll of labels.
  • Outside diameter of work piece.
  • Outer diameter.
  • Acronym for outside diameter, outer diameter, or overdrive.
  • Latin abbreviation for right eye; abbreviation for Doctor of Optometry.
  • Outside diameter.
  • fire.
  • An alleged force or natural power, supposed, by Reichenbach and others, to produce the phenomena of mesmerism, and to be developed by various agencies, as by magnets, heat, light, chemical or vital action, etc.; called also odyle or the odylic force.
  • ode. fire.

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