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net Anlamı

  • A Microsoft initiative introduced in 2000, with parts of it expected to launch over the next few years Their ultimate goal is to change the Internet by creating an online application-hosting architecture and integrating desktop and handheld devices that use voice and handwriting recognition.
  • The top level domain designated for entities and computers that represent part of the Internet's infrastructure Originally intended for use by Network Information Centers , Network Operations Centers , administrative computers and network node computers One of the worldwide top level domains [see also: Top Level Domain].
  • Internet, for short. net is a global TLD that was originally intended for entities that concentrated on network and Internet administration Currently, any individual or organization can register a domain name in the net Top Level Domain.
  • Net is an abbreviation for the term Internet with stands for Interconnected networks.
  • Upper-case when used as a short form of the Internet.
  • Net is an abbreviation for the term Internet which stands for Interconnected networks When these letters appear at the end of an address they may indicate that the host computer is run by a network but is more often used interchangeably with com.
  • An open fabric, which is created by connecting the intersections in a woven, knitted, or crocheted construction to form a mesh-like appearance that won't ravel End-uses include veils, curtains, and fish nets. abr ie Internet - A worldwide system of communication networks.
  • An often-used abbreviation for the Internet When not capitalized, refers to any network.
  • A common abbreviation of the internet.
  • The abbreviated version of the word 'Internet ' netiquette - Rules for good manners on the Internet Click here for a guide to netiquette Netscape - The company that developed Netscape Navigator Netscape Communicator - Netscape's suite of Web-related programs, including the Navigator browser, Messenger email program and Composer Web-page creation software network - Multiple computers connected together newsgroup - A group that communicates with each other about shared interests via the Internet These groups' messages are referred to as posts and are administered from a news server.
  • This is short for Internet.
  • NET is both a business strategy from Microsoft and its collection of programming support for what are known as Web services, the ability to use the Web rather than your own computer for various services.
  • This term is sometimes used as a short form for the Internet.
  • A short form for the Internet [week 1].
  • Short form of Internet.
  • An abbreviation for 'network ' In Internet addresses, net indicates a computer network service. often internet; sometimes any network in general.
  • This is a Microsoft operating system platform that incorporates applications, a suite of tools and services and a change in the infrastructure of the company's Web strategy The objective of NET is to bring users into the next generation of the Internet by conquering the deficiencies of the first generation and giving users a more enriched experience in using the Web for both personal and business applications.
  • Informal term for the Internet.
  • The amount remaining after certain adjustments have been made for debts, deductions or expenses The proceeds from the sale of an investment minus the purchase price, including commissions and other expenses Term used on an invoice to indicate that the full amount is payable.
  • Net is an abbreviation for the term Internet which stands for Interconnected networks When these letters appear at the end of an address , they may indicate that the host computer is run by a network but is more often used interchangeably with com It also means that the host computer is most likely located in the United States.
  • Short for Internet.
  • In general 'Net' is a slang abbreviation for 'The Internet ' However, there are some private networks that are not part of the Internet Someone might say that they have information available 'on the Net' even though it is not accessible through the Internet.
  • clear. net. sharp.
  • Not including superfluous, incidental, or foreign matter, as boxes, coverings, wraps, etc.; free from charges, deductions, etc; as, net profit; net income; net weight, etc.
  • Free from extraneous substances; pure; unadulterated; neat; as, net wine, etc.
  • Without spot; pure; shining.
  • To form network or netting; to knit.
  • To inclose or cover with a net; as, to net a tree.
  • To take in a net; to capture by stratagem or wile.
  • To make into a net; to make in the style of network; as, to net silk.
  • A figure made up of a large number of straight lines or curves, which are connected at certain points and related to each other by some specified law.
  • Anything wrought or woven in meshes; as, a net for the hair; a mosquito net; a tennis net.
  • Anything designed or fitted to entrap or catch; a snare; any device for catching and holding.
  • A fabric of twine, thread, or the like, wrought or woven into meshes, and used for catching fish, birds, butterflies, etc.
  • clean. clear. compendious. decided. explicit. fair. intelligible. lucid. net. plain. sharp. transparent. unequivocal.

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