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motif Anlamı

  • A distinctive element or theme, often repeated within a work of art.
  • A decorative theme, element or component.
  • A graphical user interface for the UNIX operating system.
  • A nucleic acid or protein sequence that is associated with a function.
  • A recurring thematic element in a work of art or a single or repeated design or color.
  • Any movement that has development possibilities.
  • An element in a film that is repeated in a significant way.
  • A short musical idea, or melodic theme that runs through a piece. [n] a single decoration or image, such as a flower, a shell, or a circle, that is repeated in a design.
  • The duplicated design of vertical and horizontal repeats in a wallpaper pattern Motif refers to the recurring subject matter.
  • From the French for 'motive ' 1) A usually recurring distinctive feature or thematic element of design or ornament, especially a dominant idea or central theme 2) A single or repeated design or color.
  • A GUI based on the X window system and distributed by the Open software foundation.
  • A meaningful pattern of nucleotides or amino acids that is shared by two or more molecules.
  • A short conserved region in a protein sequence Motifs are frequently highly conserved parts of domains [NCBI Bioinformatics].
  • Graphical user interface specified by the Open Software Foundation and built on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's X Windows. A short melodic or rhythmic idea that recurs within a work or movement.
  • Usually called OSF/Motif The UNIX industry's standard user interface originally developed by the Open Software Foundation Motif is based on the X-Window system and is a Presentation Manager look- alike Motif is available for all IBM AIX workstations. an image or action in a literary work that is shared by other works and that is sometimes thought to belong to a collective unconsciousness.
  • A theme, character type, image, Metaphor, or other verbal element that recurs throughout a single work of literature or occurs in a number of different works over a period of time For example, the various manifestations of the color white in Herman Melville's Moby Dick is a 'specific' motif, while the trials of star-crossed lovers is a 'conventional' motif from the literature of all periods.
  • motif.
  • In literature and the fine arts, a salient feature or element of a composition or work; esp., the theme, or central or dominant feature; specif. , a motive.
  • Motive.
  • motif.

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