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kurmak Anlamı

  • install. set up. to wind. to set up. to assemble. to put together. to set. to pitch. to cock. to set. to prepare a mixture and set it aside to pickle or ferment. to establish. to found. to form. to.
  • appoint. build. conceive. constitute. construct. contrive. devise. establish. fabricate. found. install. institute. locate. mount. organize. predicate. project. propose. relocate. set. to set up. to establish. to organize. to found. to mount. to assemble. to form. to cock. to pitch. to wind. to hatch. to make. to set. to set. to lay. to incite.
  • line up. set. set up. constitute. build. build up. construct. establish. erect. organize. found. wind up. base. cock. cog. conspire. fix up. form. frame. ground. install. institute. lay. pitch. plant. promote. put. put together. ruminate. start. time.

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