Türkçe - İngilizce Çeviri Sonucu

kabarmak Anlamı

  • to be puffed up. to swell. to rise when boiling. to increase. to become fluffy. to assume airs of importance. to swagger. to act the bully. to become rough. to blow up. to inflate. to bloom. to flush. to creep. to ferment. to surge. to upsurge. to f.
  • billow. blister. bulge. cock. effervesce. swell. to swell. to blister. to be puffed out. to puff out. to increase. to expand. to become fluffy. to become rough. to rise. to be puffed up. to boast.
  • bloat out. swell. rise. arch. blister. bloat. heave. puff. roughen. surge. tumefy. upsurge. vesicate.

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