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  • The International Magnesium Association. inverse multiplexing over ATM A standard protocol defined by the ATM Forum in 1997.
  • Inverse multiplexing over ATM An MGX card module that supports T3 or E3 inverse multiplexing on up to 8 T1 or E1 lines.
  • Irish Medical Association.
  • Institute of Management Accountants.
  • Mother.
  • Lit 'a Mother '.
  • I Might Add. individual mobilization augmentee.
  • An Air Force Ready Reservist assigned to a specific position within the active force which he or she would assume upon mobilization.
  • Information Mission Area; Independent Medical Assessor; Installation Medical Authority.
  • hint. innuendo. İllusion. allusion. glance. implication. inkling. insinuation. intimation. reference. sound. suggestion. suspicion. type. whisper.
  • allusion. hint. implication. innuendo. insinuation. mention.
  • allusion. hint. suggestion. mention. pointer. adumbration. finger post. glance at. implicitness. innuendo. insinuation. intimation. office. reference. smell. whiff. whisper.

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