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har Anlamı

  • Highway Advisory Radio.
  • Hiring Action Report. adj: hoary, grey 82.
  • Helicopter Air Rescue.
  • Highway Advisory Radio Highway Advisory Radio is a system of low-power AM radio stations that broadcast information for motorists, such as traffic congestion and special event information They usually broadcast below 540 KHz or above 1640 MHz Signs like this can be found on many highways.
  • The first person of the Scandinavian Trinity, which consists of Har , the Like Mighty, and the Third Person This Trinity is called 'The Mysterious Three,' and they sit on three thrones above the Rainbow The next in order are the AEsir , of which Odin, the chief, lives in Asgard, on the heavenly hills between Earth and the Rainbow The third order is the Vanir - the gods of the ocean, air, and clouds - of which Van Niord is the chief Har has already passed his ninth incarnation; in his tenth he will take the forms first of a peacock, and then of a horse, when all the followers of Mahomet will be destroyed.
  • Highway Advisory Radio; a traffic information broadcasting system used in the U S Drivers are alerted to tune their car radios to a specific channel in order to receive transmitted information HAR is similar to the European ARI system.
  • used in.

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