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hal Anlamı

  • Hardware Abstraction Layer Windows NT Software layer linking hardware to the Windows NT kernel. nIII: voice; tune. enables Windows NT to work with different types of hardware.
  • Holland America Line.
  • Hardware Adaptation Layer.
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer An executive component in Windows NT and later operating systems that provides support that is specific to a particular hardware platform HAL provides support for the Kernel, I/O Manager, kernel-mode debuggers, and device drivers that are the lowest level The HAL exports routines that extract hardware details that are platform-specific about caches, I/O buses, and interrupts HAL provides an interface between the hardware of the platform and the operating system software.
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer Used to provide a generic interface to the hardware and 'hide' hardware-specific functions.
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer. - firmware which provides a semi-or fully standardized interface between an SOC and code designed to exercise the SOC This code forms a layer between the hardware and software, allowing any software which uses a HAL to be more easily ported to operate with a different SOC This may or may not include boot code.
  • An acronym for hardware abstraction layer, a Windows NT DLL that links specific computer hardware implementations with the Windows NT kernel Windows NT 4 0 includes HALs for 80x86, Alpha, MIPS, and PowerPC hardware platforms.
  • state. condition. state of affairs. circumstances. attitude. the present time. strength. energy. case. covered wholesale food market. affair. aspect. bearing. circumstance. demeanour. fettle. frame. juncture. market hall. covered market. mode. occa.
  • case. condition. footing. occasion. order. position. situation. state. status. temper. markethouse.
  • circs. state. condition. situation. status. aspect. demeanor. demeanour. estate. event. face. fettle. lay. plight. posture. repair. set. sight. stand.

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