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fire Anlamı

  • Court decisions have held generally that there are three elements which constitute a fire within the meaning of an insurance policy: Rapid oxidation Visible flame or glow Hostile or unfriendly.
  • One of the four classic elements of the fantasy world Also, a spell domain composed of nine divine spells and a granted power themed around the element fire Also, a spell descriptor denoting spells that produce or use fire.
  • To execute a state transition See: transition.
  • The great shaper and transformer of the northern forest Ishkote or ashkote in the Ojibwe. a combustion accompanied by a flame or glow, which escapes from its normal confines to cause damage. An act signed into law in August 1989, by President Bush that restructured the thrift regulatory insurance system.
  • Simultaneous release of heat, light, and flame, generated by the combustion of flammable material.
  • A rule is said to 'fire' when its action is executed A rule fires only when its condition evaluates to true. To ignite, to cause burning, the chemical change in combustion producing heat and light Fire has long been used for the benefit of humans Fires heat our premises, cook our meals and are used in many manufacturing processes Such situations are known as 'friendly fires ' When uncontrolled, fire can be an enemy and can destroy houses, crops, lumber stands, etc Such fires are known as 'hostile fires' and are the subject of insurance.
  • One of the 4 classical elements, representing spirit, intuition, vitality and inspiration The fire signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
  • To cause a state transition See: transition.
  • Combustion which is rapid enough to produce a flame or glow A fire, for purposes of Property Insurance, must be 'hostile,' which means it is not in a place in which it is intended to be Fires in their proper contained area are called 'friendly fires' and are not covered under most basic Property Insurance policies.
  • South; wand; powers of passion and will, the ability to act effectively, to destroy, purify and change; the qualities of the flame, heat, anger, aggression, affection, sexual desire; red, orange, gold, deep yellow; snakes, scorpions, fire ants, sparkles, the sun, the God. results from malfunction of the internal organs or from extreme mood swings Symptoms include fever, red or bloodshot eyes, swelling, sore throat and flushed face May also include dry mouth, bleeding or inflammed gums, and a desire for cold drinks. - one of the four elements of Creation, associated with the south and with the ritual spirit blade. a metaphorical quality associated with the signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; the 1st, 5th and 9th houses and the planets Mars, Jupiter and the Sun Fire represents the initiation of action, confidence, outreach, spontaneity, creativity, eagerness, zest, excitement and the need to do something new.
  • Because of the high incidence of fires in theatres during the candle and gas lighting eras, to speak of fire whilst in a theatre is generally considered unlucky.
  • One of the four elements The fire element finds expression in zodiac through the three signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and is held to represent among other things: intuition, action, spiritualty, creativity and drive toward individuality See also Earth, Air and Water.
  • Combustion sufficient to product a spark, flame or glow and which is hostile.
  • Combustion evidenced by a flame or glow Insurance distinguishes between a 'hostile' fire and 'friendly' fire.
  • In property insurance, 'fire' refers to the unintentional or 'hostile' occurrences of flame and combustion Damage caused by fire in your fireplace, for instance, is not covered under your homeowners insurance quotes policy But if your rug were ignited by a spark from that same fireplace, you would be covered.
  • leakage. shrinkage. ullage. waste. loss. decrease. refuse. allowance. diminution. wastage.
  • To be irritated or inflamed with passion.
  • To take fire; to be kindled; to kindle.
  • To cauterize.
  • To drive by fire.
  • To cause to explode; as, to fire a torpedo; to disharge; as, to fire a musket or cannon; to fire cannon balls, rockets, etc.
  • To light up as if by fire; to illuminate.
  • To feed or serve the fire of; as, to fire a boiler.
  • To animate; to give life or spirit to; as, to fire the genius of a young man.
  • To inflame; to irritate, as the passions; as, to fire the soul with anger, pride, or revenge.
  • To subject to intense heat; to bake; to burn in a kiln; as, to fire pottery.
  • To set on fire; to kindle; as, to fire a house or chimney; to fire a pile.
  • The discharge of firearms; firing; as, the troops were exposed to a heavy fire.
  • Torture by burning; severe trial or affliction.
  • Splendor; brilliancy; luster; hence, a star.
  • Liveliness of imagination or fancy; intellectual and moral enthusiasm; capacity for ardor and zeal.
  • Ardor of passion, whether love or hate; excessive warmth; consuming violence of temper.
  • Anything which destroys or affects like fire.
  • The burning of a house or town; a conflagration.
  • Fuel in a state of combustion, as on a hearth, or in a stove or a furnace.
  • The evolution of light and heat in the combustion of bodies; combustion; state of ignition.
  • shrinkage. outage.
  • ullage. wastage. shrinkage. leakage. outage. turnover. wantage.

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