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en Anlamı

  • One-half of an em.
  • English Nature.
  • European Normes or standards, which are gradually harmonising with and superseding British Standards.
  • A measure of space equal to one-half of an em space in the same point size and typeface.
  • European Norms.
  • European Norm. the letter 'N' NU - a Greek letter XU - monetary unit of Vietnam. traversal after arrival, no traversal after traversal from an anchor of the same link.
  • A unit of measurement equal to half of one em.
  • End Node APPN end system that implements the PU 2 1, provides end-user services, and supports sessions between local and remote CPs ENs are not capable of routing traffic and rely on an adjacent NN for APPN services Compare with NN See also CP.
  • One-half the width of an em.
  • An en is a typographers unit of measurement that is proportioned to the width of a capital letter 'N ' It will vary from font to font and will also vary with the point size of the font. [in composition] one half of the width of an em.
  • Half an em.
  • A unit of measurement equal to half of one em Also: en space, en quad, en rule, en leader.
  • A fixed space equal to one-half the width of an em.
  • A measurement of linear space used by typographers; half the width of an em.
  • Short form for en-quad, half the width of an em.
  • half the width of an em.
  • width. breadth.
  • See Em. half the width of an em.
  • Half an em, that is, half of the unit of space in measuring printed matter.
  • The termination of the past participle of many strong verbs; as, in broken, gotten, trodden.
  • An adjectival suffix, meaning made of; as in golden, leaden, wooden.
  • This must not be confused with -en corresponding in Old English to the AS. infinitive ending -an.
  • A suffix signifying to make, to cause, used to form verbs from nouns and adjectives; as in strengthen, quicken, frighten.
  • A suffix corresponding to AS. -en and -on, formerly used to form the plural of verbs, as in housen, escapen.
  • In some cases, such as children and brethren, it has been added to older plural forms.
  • A suffix from AS. - an, formerly used to form the plural of many nouns, as in ashen, eyen, oxen, all obs. except oxen.
  • See In-.
  • It is sometimes used to give a causal force, as in enable, enfeeble, to cause to be, or to make, able, or feeble; and sometimes merely gives an intensive force, as in enchasten.
  • For ease of pronunciation it is commonly changed to em-before p, b, and m, as in employ, embody, emmew.
  • Some English words are written indifferently with en-or in-.
  • A prefix signifying in or into, used in many English words, chiefly those borrowed from the French.
  • best. breadth. most. very. width.
  • all-time. most. the very. best. very. width. breadth. diameter. most. est.

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