Türkçe - İngilizce Çeviri Sonucu

durmak Anlamı

  • halt. stop. to stop. to last. to continue to exist. to endure. to stand without doing anything. to be / to remain (at a place. to suit. to go. to appear. to look. to lie. to rest. to wait. to repose. to pose. to pause. to pitch. to intercept. to stall. ce.
  • cease. discontinue. halt. lie. rest. stall. stand. stay. stop. to stop. to cease. to halt. to remain. to stay. to suit. to go. to look. to wait. to come to rest. to stop off. to pull up. to draw up. to pack up. to cut out. to stall.
  • stop. cease. stand. hold. hold on. remain. come to a stop. be. endure. discontinue. draw up. halt. come to a halt. harp. intermit. keep. let up. linger. pull in. pull up. draw rein. rest. stay.

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