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dimmer Anlamı

  • To change the brightness of the display e g during night driving. a rheostat that varies the current through an electric light in order to control the level of illumination.
  • A device that controls levels of light by varying the electric current. a device in the electrical circuit used for varying the brightness of lamps in a lighting installation Dimming controls are ideal for any number of rooms because they allow you to change design the lighting to suit each mood and activity back to top. an electronic device designed to regulate light output of incandescent and halogen lamps; and fluorescent lamps in fixtures equipped with special dimming ballasts.
  • Controls the brightness of a particular fixture A dimmer pack is a device used to control a fixture from a remote control panel Dimming may also be a feature within an intelligent light or a specific control device.
  • An instrument used to change the voltage of lights on the set, regulating in this way thier intensity NOTE: Not recommended for color cinematography, as the color temperature of the lights will also change.
  • Device which provides adjustable voltage to a lighting fixture to control light output Can also be a term to refer to a mechanical device, such as a shutter, that controls output.
  • A control that regulates light levels.
  • Electronic controls that allow stage lighting to fade up or down slowly, as opposed to being on or off only Submitted by Karl Kuenning RFL from Roadie Net.
  • In lighting, the electrical device that regulates the current passing through the bulb filaments and, thereby, the amount of light emitted from the lighting instruments.
  • A remote device which reduces the light output of a stage lighting fixture by reducing the total wattage it receives, commonly grouped in banks, panels or packs Present technology usually has a dimmer per circuit, as opposed to systems where a limited number of high-wattage dimmers are patched to a larger quantity of circuits.
  • a rheostat that varies the current through an electric light in order to control the level of illumination.

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