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dar Anlamı

  • Door, gate. book.
  • Deutscher Akkreditierungsrat.
  • House, household, realm. [From Hindi /dar/, with initial /d-/ in Mandarin Chinese /dai/ ] stripe -- marking of a different color or texture from the background.
  • Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • Digital Audio Radio. Dial-a-ride: see 'demand responsive '.
  • Defense Acquisition Regulations.
  • narrow. tight. limited. restricted. difficult. clinging. close. close fitting. cramped. local. scant. spare. stringent. tight / adj adv / sıkı , gergin ; su geçirmeyen ;. trews.
  • clinging. narrow. parochial. restricted. shallow. cramped. tight. scant. scanty. short. limited. narrowly. barely.
  • narrow. tight. constricted. close-bodied. clinging. exiguous. parochial. poky. snug. strait. stringent. narrowly. close-fitting.

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