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  • Contract manufacturing or contract electronics manufacturing Production of electronic equipment on behalf of an original equipment manufacturer customer, in which the design and brand name belongs to the OEM Often refers to the industry based on providing contract design, manufacturing, and related product support services for electronics OEMs Also referred to as electronics manufacturing services. computational electromagnetics; the simulation or prediction of electromagnetic fields using computers Models used include field and particle models and a number of techniques including: finite differences; finite elements; method of moments; and discrete methods Further information is available as an article in the Encyclopaedia Technologica See also CFD.
  • Contract Electronics Manufacturing.
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring.
  • Concept Evaluation Model.
  • Chief Enlisted Manager.
  • Acronym for Continuous Emissions Monitoring The measurement and reporting of specific pollutant levels at a facility.
  • IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management.
  • Contract Electronic Manufacturer. cemetery.

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