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  • notice. notify. declare. to be announced. to be notified. to be told. to inform. to announce. to notify. to tell. to communicate. to give notice of. advertise. apprise. enounce. enunciate. impart. to let know. note. post. promulgate. purport. shoot a line.
  • acquaint. advertise. advise. affirm. announce. apprise. assert. attest. broadcast. certify. communicate. couch. declare. disclose. impart. inform. notify. proclaim. pronounce. protest. release. report. signify. tell. vote. weave. to tell. to inform. to announce. to notify. to state. to declare. to proclaim. to pronounce. to advertise. to apprise. to signify.
  • declare. notify. let smb. know. inform. let know. tell. say. serve notice. proclaim. report. state. acquaint. advise. affirm. announce. annunciate. communicate. enunciate. give forth. give out. herald. impart. indicate. intimate. issue. lodge. notice.

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