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baba Anlamı

  • Religious master or father; term of respect. a small cake leavened with yeast.
  • A term of affection for a Saint or holy man. a term of affection for a saint or holy man meaning 'father'.
  • father. venerable old man. upright post of a staircase. knob. post. snubbing post. boss. timberhead. king post. crown post. pillar post. broachpost. corner post. bitt. male. begetter. governor. head post. papa. patronymic. pop.
  • A kind of plum cake. a small cake leavened with yeast.
  • dad. daddy. father. pa. papa. pop. poppa. bollard. newel post. very good. great. very difficult.
  • father. daddy. dad. papa. pa. pater. pop. old man. the old man. goodman. governor. the governor. guv. guvnor. senior. sire. begetter.

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