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  • Army Regulation.
  • Application Relay An NRS term which, for mail, refers to the name of another entity which the mail should be sent to. antireflective coating.
  • Accounts Receivable. analytical standard of reagent purity.
  • Arabic Hebr Hebrew.
  • Administrative Record, a required,comprehensive file of documents that forms the basis of decisions made regarding cleanup.
  • Armor Rating To achieve a hit, you must roll over the character's AR Rolls Equal to or less than the AR, down to a 10, are considered a hit to the opponents armor, and damage is figured to the SDC All Player Characters have a natural AR of 12 Others have varying AR's.
  • Army Reserve.
  • A secondary path for signal transmission if the primary path is unavailable.
  • Relay Mode, Communications Mode of the Space Suit Communicator.
  • Autoregressive AR models include past observations of the dependent variable in the forecast of future observations.
  • Arabic.
  • Army regulation.
  • The rate data is transferred by the user access channel The speed of the access channel determines how rapidly the end user can inject data into a frame relay network. The standard Mallinckrodt grade of analytical reagents; suitable for laboratory and general use If the reagent also meets the requirements of the American Chemical Society Committee on Analytical Reagents, it will be denoted as an AR reagent.
  • are (100 square meters. shame. modesty. skyness. bashfulness. stigma.
  • Ere; before.
  • shame. bashfulness. shyness. modesty.
  • are.

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