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amca Anlamı

  • The Alaskan Malamute Club of America is the 'parent' club for the Malamute breed in the USA Club members are expected to follow a Code of Ethics in breeding and competing with Alaskan Malamutes The AMCA and it's members are also responsible for maintaining the Breed Standard The AMCA offers much information for the person new to the Malamute breed, as well as for those involved for many years A monthly newsletter , Specialty shows and events, yearly awards, working titles and more are available to those interested Read more about the AMCA.
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
  • Amateur Motorcycle Association.
  • uncle. collateral ancestors. related in the collateral line. special cousins.
  • uncle. uncle. a familiar address to an older man.
  • avuncular. paternal uncle. uncle.

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