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alp Anlamı

  • Army Long-Range Plan.
  • Articulated Loading Platform.
  • Alkaline phosphatase.
  • Australian Labour Party.
  • Allied Logistic Publication.
  • Annual Leave Payoff Earnings type used when paying the first 240 hours of terminal annual leave for classified staff These earnings are subject to PERS deductions. airport layout plan.
  • The Adrian renegade, a Venetian by extraction, who forswore the Christian faith to become a commander in the Turkish army He led the host to the siege of Corinth, while that country was under the dominion of the Doge He loved Francesca, daughter of Minotti, governor of Corinth, but she died of a broken heart because he deserted his country and was an apostate The renegade was shot in the siege - Byron: Siege of Corinth. a gentle slope above the steep sides of a glaciated valley.
  • any high mountain.
  • hero.
  • A bullfinch. any high mountain.
  • Fig.: Something lofty, or massive, or very hard to be surmounted.
  • Specifically, in the plural, the highest chain of mountains in Europe, containing the lofty mountains of Switzerland, etc.
  • A very high mountain.
  • alp. alpine.
  • alp. hero.

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