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ait Anlamı

  • Advanced Intelligent Tape, this a Sony magnetic tape using the 8mm cassette standard, these cassettes can hold up to 100GB. pain.
  • Airside Integration Testing. Developed by Sony, using helical scan technology and 8mm tape AIT tape drives use Advanced Metal Evaporated tape formulation AIT drives and media achieve a native capacity of 25GB Unique MIC technology gives fast data access for high-end applications.
  • Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.
  • The AIT front card provides an ATM trunk interface for the IPX The AIT operates in conjunction with a backcard, AIT-T3 or AIT-E3.
  • Agreement on Internal Trade, signed by the federal and provincial governments Text is at http://strategis ic gc ca/SSG/il00021e html.
  • Automatic Identification Technology.
  • Alliance Internationale de Tourisme. algorithm integration team.
  • Advanced Information Technology.
  • Aeromedical Isolation Team.
  • Automated Identification Technology.
  • Advanced Intelligent Tape. advanced intelligent tape; a helical scan technology developed by Sony for tape backup/archive of networks and servers, specifically addressing midrange to high-end backup requirements.
  • Agency for Instructional Technology.
  • Assembly, Integration and Test.
  • Assembly, Integration and Testing.
  • concerning. belonging. regarding. relating to. pertaining to.
  • Oat.
  • An islet, or little isle, in a river or lake; an eyot.
  • concerning. relating to. regarding. belonging to. pertaining to. property of.
  • belonging to. concerning. relating to. relative to. appurtenant. relating to.

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