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abd Anlamı

  • Roland automatic blanket washing device.
  • Automatic Baud Rate Detection See baud rate.
  • Abductor ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Stryrene AD - Arm drive ADD - Adductor ADJ - Adjustable ADPT - Adapter AH - Adjustable Height AI - Airless Insert AIO - All-In-One ALR - Articulating Legrest ALUM - Aluminum AMH - Adjustable Mounting Hardware ANO - Anodized ASB - Adjustable Sliding Back ASSM - Assembly AT - Anti-tip. [Arabic] son of.
  • Aged, Blind or Disabled Refers to the SSA eligibility programs for these populations For many states, also refers to a type of categorical eligibility for Medicaid.
  • Abandoned interval due to no available train or no crew.
  • A prefix used in many Muslim male names in conjunction with a divine attribute of God, meaning 'servant ' Examples include Abd-Allah , Abd al-Rahman , and Abd al-Khaliq. 'All but degree' or 'all but dissertation' - Not a formal degree; applies to someone who has completed all the requirements for a Ph D except the dissertation Action Research A way of generating research about a social system while simultaneously attempting to change that system Action research seeks both to understand and to alter the problems generated by social systems.
  • usa.

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